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Jeddah is a vibrant city that blends history and modernity. As a cultural crossroads and the gateway to Mecca, Jeddah is often the first city cruise tourists will visit in Saudi Arabia.

Jeddah’s prominent seaport means that the city has been immersed in global influences that have contributed to its cosmopolitan and liberal vibe. The city boasts an array of cultural and urban activities as well as water activities linked to the nearby Red Sea.

Immersive Culture
Rich Art
Diverse Urban Landscapes


The port city of Yanbu is known as Saudi Arabia's scuba diving capital. It is becoming an increasingly attractive tourist destination due to its dive sites, pristine white sandy shores, resorts and private beaches.

Old Yanbu is surrounded by evocatively crumbling coral-stone buildings, the home where T.E. Lawrence, author of the Seven Pillars of Wisdom and inspiration for Lawrence of Arabia, once lived has been restored as a museum to the British officer’s remarkable story. The young Lawrence lived here in 1915 and 1916.

Rich Heritage
Diving & Water Activities
Scenery and Wildlife


The town of Al Wajh’s remaining Hejazi architecture in the Al Baladi neighborhood is a major attraction. These are among the finest Red Sea coral buildings still standing outside of Jeddah. The town is a well-kept secret with beautiful beaches stretching for 100km in either direction.

Vibrant Coral Reef
Diving & Water Activities
Heritage Access


Dammam, the capital of Saudi Arabia’s eastern province is also the country’s third-largest metropolis and an ideal base to explore other popular destinations and cities across the Gulf. It is regarded as one of the region’s top travel hubs. The city's cuisine has an international flavor thanks to heavy influence from frequent travelers. Dammam also serves as the gateway to the east, connecting Saudi Arabia across the Arabian Gulf and beyond.

Bustling Metropolis
Delicious Cuisine
World-Class Exhibitions


The island boasts a variety of attractions, including a group of high-end cabins that provide for a luxurious vacation.

The island boasts a variety of restaurants and attractions. It includes a group of high-end cabins that provide for a luxurious vacation. Guest can take advantage of the many water activities, enjoy the sea breeze, or swim and lounge under the Red Sea sun.

Secluded Luxury
Inspiring Views
Diverse Shoreline
Globally Connected