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Saudi has an incredibly rich and diverse cultural heritage. It is filled with historical wonders, natural landscapes, and pristine waters as well as modern architecture and cities which are all underpinned by the quintessential Saudi hospitality, generosity, and vibrancy. 

With significant investment in the growing tourism industry in Saudi, there is a range of activities that visitors can explore. From experiencing the culture and heritage to discovering the vast entertainment and adventure offerings and appreciating the varied landscapes of the region, there is something for every visitor.

It is a unique and unmissable destination. With cruise-ready ports located on the coastlines of the Red Sea and the Arabian Gulf, tourists can now explore Saudi from the sea. Cruise Saudi invites the world to experience everything that makes Saudi unforgettable. 


Cruise Saudi is both the architect and the driver of the cruise industry in Saudi. As a conduit between land and sea, Cruise Saudi is a strategic facilitator and a trusted partner to international and local entities that oversees the development of services and infrastructure – including cruise berths, state-of-the-art passenger terminals, training of ground services, and the creation of shore excursions –    that will transform the country’s coastlines into premier global cruise destinations.

Cruise Saudi aspires to provide a seamless, comfortable, and memorable journey for guests, from arrival to departure.


Jeddah is the commercial centre of Saudi – a cultural crossroads and a vibrant hub combining heritage and modernity. With a population of about 4.8 million, Jeddah is the second largest city in Saudi.

Visitors can travel back in time walking through the streets of the Historical AlBalad District - Jeddah’s UNESCO World Heritage Site, recognised for its Hijazi style old town, or enjoy the modern landmarks of the city, strolling down the waterfront corniche and taking time to admire the world’s tallest fountain of its kind.

Jeddah is also the principal gateway to Makkah, the holiest city in Islam, located just 65 km to the East; while Madinah, the second holiest city is located 360km to the north, making it an important access point for Muslim pilgrims.

With cruise passenger facilities in place at Jeddah Islamic Port, the city is well positioned as a regional hub to welcome international visitors to come and experience Saudi by sea, and for cruise lines to consider Jeddah as a Home Port, Port of Call or Turnaround Port.


Dammam is famously the location where oil was first discovered in Saudi. However, the history of the area dates back more than 2,000 years with many tombs and dwellings discovered in the area.

Over a span of a little more than half a century, the area has developed from small fishing communities into a thriving hub of industry, commerce and science and is home to more than half a million people.

Dammam boasts endless views of the tranquil Arabian Gulf and is known for its airy waterfronts and sandy beaches. The modern city is a metropolis that thrives on its coastal location and has a growing reputation as an arts, sports and entertainment destination.

Dammam is also home to a number of historical and cultural sites including the UNESCO World Heritage Site, AlAhsa Oasis, Qara Mountain with its intriguing caves, King Abdulaziz Center for World Culture (Ithra), souqs and more.



Yanbu’s history dates back at least 2,500 years, when it was a staging point on the spice and incense route from Yemen to Egypt and the Mediterranean Region. The city was built around its port, where most of its people made their living.

Modern Yanbu is a major industrial city, known for its oil refineries and petrochemical plants, home to a unique cultural mix of people, with many of its 220,000 expatriate residents from around the world.

Adventure and nature-oriented travellers can experience the beauty of untouched coral reefs, teaming with colorful fish to the Iona shipwreck.

With this fusion of history and modernity, along with its proximity to major cities in the country, Yanbu offers an ideal port of call on the Red Sea. Currently, it is the coastal access point of UNESCO World Heritage Site Hegra, AlUla.




International Industry Memberships

Cruise Lines International Association (CLIA) is the world's largest cruise industry trade association, providing a unified voice and leading authority of the global cruise community.

The World Travel & Tourism Council is the global authority on the economic and social contribution of travel & tourism.

The Association of Mediterranean Cruise Ports promotes the cruise industry and unites the ports of ‘Mare Nostrum’ and its adjoining seas.


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